Chanderi Digitization Programme

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This initiative endeavours to develop a specialized digital content creation and development programme in Chanderi covering each and every aspect of Chanderi’s ecosystem by digitizing Chanderi’s historical and socio – cultural fabric, leading to the creation of a comprehensive community portal. This is linked to the larger paradigm of Community based tourism and its promotion through digital means using audio-video tools.

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ICT Social Entrepreneurship Programme

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The youth of Chanderi needs to be encouraged to start small scale entrepreneurial activities in the form of ICT enabled micro – enterprises in order to enhance the economy and infrastructure of the town as well as provide employment opportunities.

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Chanderi ICT-in-Education Programme

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Chanderi has 11 government run schools and 7 Govt. aided Madarsas which still rely on the traditional mode of one way learning process. Apart from this, these schools have hardly any ICT enabled applications in learning and teaching processes. A preliminary survey has indicated that these schools can enhance their operations and performance through ICT tools and applications provided such initiatives meet their curriculum needs in local language.

Creation of an e-Commerce enabled website

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Along with being a weavers’ micro – tourism centre, CWICTRC will also function as an outlet for buying and selling textiles as well as apparels. The center will soon have its own e-commerce website to sell apparels directly through internet, connecting the weavers with the world. Consequentially, profit mongering middlemen and middle level agencies will be eliminated and the weavers themselves will be the beneficiaries of their own labour.

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Creation of a Supply Chain

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Creation of a Supply ChainFollowing the institution of an exclusive in – house store, a supply chain will be created and the weavers’ will be able to supply products directly to showrooms across the country. Partners in this initiative include:

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