This initiative endeavours to develop a specialized digital content creation and development programme in Chanderi covering each and every aspect of Chanderi’s ecosystem by digitizing Chanderi’s historical and socio – cultural fabric, leading to the creation of a comprehensive community portal. This is linked to the larger paradigm of Community based tourism and its promotion through digital means using audio-video tools.

The concept of community based tourism is steadily gaining increasing relevance. It supports and promotes the activities of particular communities engaged in traditional occupations. It links the communities with tourism by the creation of eco – friendly centers, have in house accommodation facilities for tourists. The tourists can therefore observe the culture and tradition of local communities in their own habitat. The intervention of ICT has truly revolutionized this concept by the creation of digitized community portals.

The Chanderi local community portal will therefore be a dynamic site incorporating the social, cultural, historical and economic parameters of Chanderi in a digitized form. It will be sustained by the community participation and district administration budgetary allocation.

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