Website1[1]--621x414The effort to revive a marginalized weave is finally coming full circle thanks to the efforts of the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), a not-for-profit. A little more than a month ago, its Chanderiyaan project in Madhya Pradesh, run for the benefit of about 3,500 families of Chanderi weavers,saw the launch of, an e-commerce website. Through this, weavers can bypass middlemen and sell their products directly online.  Read full article

Following are some excerpts from the Outlook Traveller article

“And this,” says the weaver, unfurling with the flourish a gossamer-fine pink-and-gold fabric, “is the Kareena Sari!” As we wander through pretty-as-a-picture village, we’re walking in the footsteps of Amir Khan his co-star from Three Idiots.  Read full article

With great delight and satisfaction it is stated that the work happening with the 40,000 strong weaving communities in Chanderi in Ashok Nagar District in Madhya Pradesh is an example in itself. The empowerment and development of the community has largely come through scaling up the weaving practices of the world famous weavers with new designs and patterns of work including finished product making. The support from relevant software and hardware use has been tremendous.

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